Stirling Aquaculture, the consultancy arm of the Institute of Aquaculture

Stirling Aquaculture is the consulting arm of the Institute of Aquaculture at the University of Stirling. It was established in January 1987 in order to make more readily available the expertise and experience of the Institute to other organisations.

What does Stirling Aquaculture do?

Stirling Aquaculture provides a full range of consulting services which include

It also provides project coordination when inputs are required from several of the Institute's services.

What are Stirling Aquaculture's resources?

How can Stirling Aquaculture help you?

Where does Stirling Aquaculture work?

We have global experience from trout farms in Europe, through tilapia and shrimp farms in South and Southeast Asia, to institutional development in Africa and commercial farming of native species in Latin America.