Genomics and Molecular Genetics

Genomics and molecular genetics, including functional genomics, are essential for an understanding of the molecular basis of complex traits of fish and their parasites and pathogens. Members of the group are therefore involved in research that spans several areas of the Institute's research programme. Traits that are currently under study are fatty acid synthesis in fish (with the Nutrition Group), adaptation of sea lice to the salmon host (with the Disease Group) and resistance to antibiotics in aquatic bacteria (with the Disease Group). A number of key resources that underpin the research have been developed, including panels of genetic markers, a genome map of Atlantic salmon, large insert libraries of several fish species, EST collections, cDNA microarrays and a unique collection of antibiotic resistant bacteria originating in aquaculture sites. Studies in fish and sea lice are now focusing increasingly on gene expression and functional analysis, and in bacteria on antibiotic resistance gene identification and functional characterisation.