Fully inbred clonal lines and their applications

Mitotic gynogenesis and androgenesis can be used to produce fully homozygous individuals from outbred parent fish in one generation. A further generation of gynogenesis or androgenesis from an individual homozygous fish will produce a fully inbred clonal line. Although these lines are difficult to maintain, they can be produced more rapidly and are of similar potential in research as inbred lines of mice. F1 crosses between any two such lines are also isogenic (i.e. all individuals in such a cross are identical although partially heterozygous). We have used these lines in research on sex determination, genetics of colour, immunology and disease resistance, and as controls in selective breeding programmes. DNA from one inbred line from our lab is being used for the tilapia genome sequencing project (cichlidgenome.org), along with other resources such as a radiation hybrid panel and BAC libraries.