Parasites - Gyrodactylids

The Parasitology Group continues to investigate clinical outbreaks of gyrodactylosis, not only among salmonids where G. salaris is suspected, but also, notably, among pond-reared populations of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, which are responsible for the high mortality of juvenile fish in a number of countries. Outbreaks of gyrodactylosis attributed to G. cichlidarum, for example, have been reported from at least 15 different countries. Research aims to determine whether outbreaks are due to the action of a single species or a species complex through a comparison of morphological and phylogenetic data.

Gyrodactylid-based research also includes studies on the mechanisms of attachment, methods of semi-automated recognition, the description of new species, and, the development of a web-based contact site, database and associated tools to assist in the global study of Gyrodactylus and related.

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