Disease - Parasite problems in tropical and sub tropical fish

As an international research institute we also study parasitic diseases of fish in tropical and sub-tropical aquaculture. Whilst our research approaches to these problems are essentially the same as to those in temperate climates, decisions regarding management and control of parasitic diseases may be very different, owing to local social, cultural and economic factors. Experimental work on tropical and sub-tropical species is facilitated by the Institute’s state-of-the-art tropical aquarium.

In addition to food fish, we carry out research on parasite problems for the economically important ornamental fish trade. Whereas many ornamental fish have parasitic diseases in common with food fish, there are special problems which occur due to the way pet fish are housed, handled and marketed which make them vulnerable to pathogens. For these reasons, treatment and control also differs according to species, holding facilities etc. Many ornamental fish have a high individual value requiring appropriate disease diagnosis and care and the parasites may be difficult to identify. Our work has also included some new parasite species descriptions.

Our studies also include research into diseases of ornamental coldwater species such as the carps and we have a special interest in the transfaunation of exotic pathogens.

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