About Parasitology

Welcome to Parasitology research at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling. We carry out research into a range of parasite problems which have economic and health consequences. Please follow the links above to find out more about the kind of research we do.

The Institute's Parasitology Group has a worldwide reputation for research and innovation in the field of aquatic parasitology. Its aims are to consider not only the interactions between parasite and host but also the wider environmental aspects of this relationship. This approach has led to a broad spectrum of research interests. At one end of this spectrum lie studies investigating parasite biology, morphology, physiology and host-parasite interactions including pathology, host defence mechanisms and host specificity. At the other end of the spectrum are studies investigating the epidemiology and macro-distribution of parasites, their population dynamics and their responses to environmental factors such as climatic, hydrodynamic and chemical parameters.

The close ties between the Parasitology Group and the aquaculture industry mean that the research often has applied aspects that lead to immediate benefits in the control and management of parasites both in industrial and artisanal aquaculture and recreational fisheries. The Parasitology Group collaborates with a number of academic and government institutions worldwide.

Our research encompasses parasites of wild and cultured species worldwide and we have close collaborations with scientists in over 20 countries. The Parasitology Laboratory welcomes international scientists to visit and to work with us.

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