Nutrition Research Group

Our major interest is fish as principal sources of the n-3 (or omega-3) long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids known to play critical roles in human nutrition and metabolism. These fatty acids are essential nutrients important for development of the nervous system, and in the prevention and therapy of various pathological conditions including cardiovascular and inflammatory disorders. Research into development of feeds utilizing alternative oil sources as replacements for traditional fish oils is aimed at increasing sustainability of the industry while maintaining or improving nutritional quality for the consumer. Replacement of conventional sources of dietary protein (especially fishmeal) is a further theme concentrating on the effects of toxic and/or antinutritional factors in plant materials and use of low cost locally available feed ingredients. As the principal environmental impact of aquaculture is via uneaten food or unretained dietary nutrients, we work with the Sustainable Aquaculture Group on a number of projects. Defining the nutritional requirements of emerging species of aquaculture potential is a further important theme, as is the impact of changing nutrition on the health and welfare of farmed fish.

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