Institute Masters programmes are the "Gold Standard" for training worldwide

26 Aug 2011

The Institute's Masters progammes have again been awarded top marks by our external examiners. Dr Malcolm Beveridge, Research Director of the Worldfish Center and external examiner for the Sustainable Aquaculture programmes, remarked "I cannot think of another comparable progamme anywhere in the world that can offer the strength and depth provided by the Institute"

Dr Beveridge continued "The exceptional quality of training provided, makes the programmes at Stirling the Gold Standard in the sector".

The Institute is recovering strongly from restructuring issues earlier in 2011, but the positive experience of students demonstrates how standards have been maintained and improved.

Emeritus Professor David Taylor, University of Glasgow Veterinary School and external examiner for Veterinary and Aquatic Pathobiology programmes, said "Students were particularly pleased with the friendliness and approachability of staff" and that, "web-based learning support had improved considerably and was now of a very high standard".

Both examiners remarked on the superb range of project opportunities enjoyed by the students this year, many on farms, in our partner organisations or overseas.

The loyalty of our students is a great strength of our progammes and their shared experiences have lead to this years group being particularly high-performing, both socially and academically.