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Issue 37

This edition focuses on the wider impact of our research and teaching, with examples from all areas of the Institute’s work, including our successful 2nd PhD research conference. We hope it makes a suitable splash!

Articles include:

  • More than scratching the surface: sea lice research impact
  • Scotland needs to flex its mussels
  • Not just keeping your fingers crossed: reproduction research impact
  • This isn't going to hurt: aquatic vaccines and diagnostic toolsana
  • Squeeze or spread: does it matter how many fish we put in a cage?
  • Showing off: successful 2nd PhD research conference
  • Take your SEAT please: Sustaining Ethical Aquaculture Trade
  • Metabolomics opportunity
  • System clean-up: recirculation technology from a vocational PhD
  • More in STORRE

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Issue 36

The main focus of this edition is 'omics', which provides a good understanding of the broad application of these technologies to aquaculture research. You will also find interesting articles on conservation and, of course, a few little bits of other news. The full contents are:

  • ‘omics’ in the Institute
  • IPN resistance isn’t futile
  • Sterile salmon
  • Ann McKechin visit
  • Assessing pollution
  • Vegetarian salmon
  • What makes a salmon tick?
  • Kisspeptin leading the way
  • Cut and paste genes
  • With a pinch of salt
  • Native oyster hunt
  • From devil to white fish
  • More in STORRE
  • Catch up

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Issue 35

This edition contains papers from the PhD Research Conference, pictures from the MSc study tour and other bits and pieces. The full contents are:

  • Research showcase - our first PhD Research Conference;
  • Randolph Richards CBE;
  • Soothing that Ich;
  • Balancing copper;
  • Cod copepod;
  • Vibriosis vaccine;
  • Quality cod eggs;
  • SARF success;
  • Aquaculture in Sierra Leone;
  • Gyrodactylus infection routes;
  • Our new Director;
  • PhD conference pix;
  • Recent visitors;
  • Aquaculture in practice - MSc sector tour.

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