Herve Migaud

Dr Herve Migaud

T: +44 [0]1786 467886
E: hm7 at stir dot ac dot uk

Reader and Director of Research

I am leading the reproduction team currently composed of two postdoctoral fellows (Drs Andrew Davie and John Taylor), six PhD students and MSc/BSc students.

My main research interests are in environmental, endocrinological and molecular control of puberty in fish, the photoperiodism network (particularly melatonin and the circadian axis), chronobiology systems (particularly clock systems) and genetic manipulation for sterility in a range of temperate and tropical teleost species.

My research performed over the last 5 years has led to 34 papers published in International peer-reviewed journals (4 more currently in review), 15 articles published in trade journals and over 45 communications at International conferences.

I teach on the joint MSc Aquaculture/Aquatic Pathobiology/Aquatic Veterinary Studies core course AQUPF4 on “Broodstock Management and Genetics” (lectures on Reproductive strategies, endocrinology, gametogenesis, hormonal therapies, environmental reproductive management and light perception, and practicals), AQUPF6 “Study tour - Aquaculture in practice” (module coordinator with lectures, visits and practicals) and the MSc Aquaculture advanced course (Genetics and Reproduction workshop), and supervise MSc projects (11 between 2005-2009).

Selected recent papers (2007 impact factor)

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Taylor J.F., Porter M.J.R., Bromage N.R. and Migaud H., 2007. The relationship between photoperiod, growth and insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and female rainbow trout reproduction. General and Comparative Endocrinology 155, 257-270. (2.562)

Migaud Herve, Mairi Cowan, John Taylor, Andrew Davie, Hugh Ferguson, 2007. The effect of spectral composition and light intensity on melatonin, stress and retinal damage in post-smolt Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar. Aquaculture 270, 390-404. (1.735)

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- Trade journals

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Selected recent invited lectures

- First Latin American Conference on Aquaculture of Native Fishes and Third Mexican Conference on Aquaculture of Native Fishes on “Shining the light on fish aquaculture: Current knowledge, new concepts and further developments”, Morelia, Mexico (18-20 October 2006).

- The British Marine Finfish Association Conference (BMFA) on “Research and development of stock management strategies to optimise growth potential in ongrowing cod and halibut” in 2004 (Oban, 2-3rd November) and 2007 (Inveraray, 14-15th November).

- 15th Annual Northeast Farmed Fish Health Management Workshop in Maine, USA (24th March 2007).

- EU action “Reprofish” workshop during the EAS meeting in Krakov, Poland (15-18th September 2008).

- II Conferencia de Aqua Dulce in Chile organised by Skreting, Novartis and Landcatch on “Broodstock management: Best practices and new developments“ at the (12-14 November 2008).

- “Sustainable salmon - A technical seminar to enhance, examine and inform the sustainable development of salmon farming in Scotland” organised by the Scottish Salmon Producers Association (SSPO) on “Triploid salmon: Current knowledge, new concepts and further developments, organized by in Inverness (5th November 2008).

- SATS PÅ TORSK! (Go for Cod) conference on “Light perception in cod: implications for commercial on growing management” in Bergen , Norway (11. - 13. Feb. 2009).

- “Scottish Aquaculture - A Sustainable Future” conference organised by The Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Scottish Agriculture Research Forum on “Optimisation of on growing of marine finfish- a welfare perspective” in Edinburgh (21st - 22nd April 2009).

-International Workshop on smoltification. Out of season parr smolt transformation in triploid Atlantic salmon, September 20-24, 2009, Oregon State University, Oregon, United States.

MASTS Genomics theme workshop "Investigating the photoneuroendocrine system and entrainment of puberty in fish using molecular tools", Aberdeen, 30th March 2010.

EAS conference. Review on broodstock management & gamete quality in commercially important European species. LARVANET workshop, Porto, October 5-8 2010, Portugal.

Company of Biologists Worshops at the worshop on Fish Muscle Growth and Repair; Models Linking Biomedicine and Aquaculture. Wilton Park, Steyning, West Sussex, UK, 26-29th June 2011.

Salmotrip (EU Capacity, coordinator) on "Feasibility study of triploid salmon production": 986,000 euros (July 2008-December 2010). This project is in collaboration with partners from Norway, the Netherland, France and UK.Project Website

Genesis Faraday Spark award on "Kisspeptin in Atlantic cod: validation of qPCR assays and seasonal expression profiles": £5000 (April-September 2009)

Norvegian Research Council Grant (NRC, PI) on "Narrow bandwidth lighting technology in cod farming and effects on performance from early stages to adult fish": (January 2006-December 2009). This project is in collaboration with Norvegian (Institute for Marine Research, Fjord Marin AS and Intravison AS) and Scottish partners (University of Stirling). Total NRC contribution of approx. 6.6 M NOK.

CODLIGHT-TECH (EC CRAFT FP6, PI) on "Light Technology for Photoperiod Regulation in Cod Mariculture": Total EC contribution of 1,193,553 (equivalent to £819,573, £184,000 for Stirling)(June 2006-June 2009). This project is in collaboration with Norvegian (Institute for Marine Research, Fjord Marin AS and Intravison AS), Icelandic (Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories, Hradfrystihusid Gunnvör, VAKI) and Scottish partners (University of Stirling and No Catch, recently liquidated).Project Website

BBSRC Case award Grant with Marine Harvest UK, Aquatic Diagnostic Ltd. and other researcher from the Institute of Aquaculture on "Characterisation of false maturation and development of diagnostic tools in Atlantic salmon": 3 year studentship (2007-2010).

SARF grant on "Research and development of stock management strategies to optimise growth potential in ongrowing of marine fish": £95,000, £65,000 for Stirling (SARF 027, January 2007-January 2010).

SALMOTRIP (EC CAPACITY FP7, project, coordinator) on "Feasibility study of triploid salmon production": Total EC contribution of 986,000Euro (equivalent to £821,000, approx. £365,000 for Stirling)(July 2008-June 2011). This project is in collaboration with partners from Norway (Institute for Marine Research, AquaGen, Centre of Aquaculture Competence owned by Skretting, Marine Harvest and AKVAsmart), the Netherlands (Wageningen University), France (Saumon de France) and UK (Landcatch).

PROSPAWN (EC CAPACITY FP7, PI) on "Implementation of natural spawning for marine fish species in culture - Improving the quality of offspring and animal welfare": Total EC contribution of 1,212,500Euro (January 2010-June 2012). This project is in collaboration with 16 partners from six different European countries including RTDs in Norway (Akvaplan-Niva), Portugal (University of Algarve), Spain (Institute of Aquaculture of Torre de la Sal) and the Netherlands (Wageningen University) as well as numerous SMEs. A number of new emerging species for aquaculture will be investigated (soles, red mullet, black-spot sea bream, cod, hake).

LARVANET COST ACTION (EC FP7) "Critical success factors for fish larval production in European Aquaculture: a multidisciplinary network" (Oct 2008-Oct 2012). Member of the management committee.

SARF grant on "Implementation of all female production in the UK halibut farming industry: progeny testing of neomales": £55,645, £27,000 for Stirling (15th Feb 2010-15th April 2011)

CRONOSOLEA (Spanish Research Council, external collaborator) "Reproductive rhythms in Senegalese sole: neuroendocrine regulation and role of thermo- and photo-cycles during early development on their establishment and maturation". Act as an external collaborator (January 2011-December 2013).

AQUAEXCEL - AQUAculture infrastructures for EXCELlence in European fish research (Capacities-Research Infractuctures, FP7). Total EC contribution: 9.2M Euro, approx. £750,000 for Stirling (March 2011-March 2015). Contribution in Research WP and scientist visits to Stirling.

BBSRC Case award Grant with Marine Harvest UK on "Mechanisms underlying the impacts of triploidy on production traits in Atlantic salmon": 4 years studentship (2011-2015): £94,000.

SPARK award (Biosciences KTN) on "Development of new genotyping methodologies to identify halibut neomales"£5,000 (May-Oct 2011)

SPARK award (Biosciences KTN) on "Gender control in Wrasse": £5,000 (June-December 2011)